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What constitutes a slip and fall accident? Also known as premises liability, many scenarios fall under this general type of personal injury or wrongful death accident. Generally speaking, a slip and fall is an accident in which you fall, trip, slip or get knocked over because of a negligent and dangerous property condition. Some of the most common scenarios include slipping on wet floor at your local supermarket or tripping because of an uneven city sidewalk. The bottom line is this: if you fall because of the fault of someone or something else and are now dealing with injuries and other expenses then you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. At Evans Injury Attorneys we are ready to get starting working on a winning case for you today.

Slip & Fall Liability

Who’s responsible for your fall and subsequent injuries? It depends on where and how your fall occurred. Your ability to file an Atlanta slip and fall lawsuit is not limited to public places. When you are at a private residence (i.e. a friend of family members house) and get injured you may also have a strong case. Public and private property owners owe a duty to their guests and customers and when they know or should know that there is a dangerous condition in place, they can be held liable. No, you cannot file a lawsuit if you fell randomly somewhere at no fault of the property, but you can otherwise.

Whether it is a city, a company or an individual, almost all slip and fall lawsuits will be filing a claim against an insurance policy which provides for a certain amount of financial coverage for these exact scenarios, but you have to prove a winning case even for the most obvious scenarios. It is extremely important that you take action quickly after you fall as many responsible parties try to cover up and quickly fix the issue that caused your accident.

How Much is My Slip & Fall Worth?

The value of your slip and fall accident is very specific to you, your injuries and also how much the responsible party has in insurance coverage to actually pay. As with all personal injury accidents, the more injuries and other impact your accident has on your life, the more it is worth. When the responsible party in your case is a large company or government agency, these cases can pay out a higher value than an individual homeowners’ insurance but all of them are extremely hard fought by insurance companies. Some of the things that you can financially recover from include:

  • Medical bills: Medical bills following a fall can quickly get high and something you should not pay for and you don’t have to when you have a winning case.
  • Future medical bills: You only get one chance to file a personal injury lawsuit but that does not mean that you are 100% better when you cash your check. The good news is that future medical bills can be taken into account when determining the value of your case and we work with your doctors, physical therapists and other specialists to forecast out the cost of these ongoing medical needs.
  • Missed work/Inability to work: When your fall involves a broken bone, a traumatic brain injury or other major issues, you probably cannot work for a while but the financial impact of missed work should not fall on you. Whether temporary or permanent, your missed paychecks or family contributions are something we work to get you paid for.
  • Disability: Disability needs are just frustrating; they can be incredibly costly and something that is factored into the value of your case.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is different for everyone, but it is another form of payment to help recognize the larger impact an accident has had on their life and the struggle of their recovery.

Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer

There are two things to do following a major slip and fall accident—take care of yourself and give Evans Injury Attorneys a call. And both those things will help you maximize the value of your case. We are a law firm with over three decades of experience winning slip and fall cases across Georgia and we would love to help you during this difficult time. Let our experience and winning track record give you confidence in your legal case. Call us now to get your questions answered and get started- we look forward to hearing from you!

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