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What to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney During Your Consultation

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If you or someone you know is the victim of an accident, you will need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to recover compensation for your injuries. A skillful and competent attorney will defend your rights and protect your interests while negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. Here are some questions you must ask, to be able to select an attorney most suitable for your case:

Do You Have the Expertise and Time to Take Up My Case?

Even the best of lawyers has limitations in the level of expertise, energy, and time that they can bring to a new case. There is no point in hiring a top-notch attorney for your case if they are unable to give it the attention and focus it requires. Make sure before hiring an attorney that they are ready and willing to spare their time and energy to work on your case and represent you in court.

What is Your Experience in Handling Personal Injury Trials Before This?

Often, personal injury cases can reach a settlement acceptable to the complainant without the need for them to go to trial. But, a lawyer with sufficient trial experience is always an asset to you in your personal injury claim.

Lawyers who are unafraid of going to trials have the confidence and willingness to press for a fair settlement keeping your interest paramount. If the settlement offered to you is deemed unfair by you and your lawyer, you will need to go to trial to obtain a fair and favorable outcome. Having a seasoned trial attorney at your side will ensure a good fight in court to enable you to recover your just claim.

Are You Available for Case Updates and Other Questions?

Be wary of a lawyer who cannot spare the time and sends a paralegal even for your first consultation. You should be communicating directly with the attorney who is handling your case more often than someone else from the law firm. Be firm, and hammer out a mutual agreement on frequency of communication and channels of communication with your attorney before hiring them.

What Do I Need to Do to Help You Fight the Case?

The presentation of your claim and its success will depend a lot on the accuracy and quality of information that your attorney will need from you. This includes, among other things, information related to your medical treatment and your loss of income because of your injuries and absence from work. Please ensure that the lawyer you hire has updated knowledge of the document filing process, and can also help you with police and medical records of your case.

What Will Be the Expected Timeline for My Case?

Although it is not possible for your attorney to provide you with an exact timeframe for the resolution of your case, an experienced attorney with insight into the legal system can venture a calculated guess based on your current situation. While this may help you in preparing yourself, please bear in mind that the circumstances in litigation can alter, and are not possible to predict accurately.

Searching for a Qualified and Dependable Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are looking for an attorney who can represent you responsibly, and someone you can depend upon to recover fair and favorable compensation for your injuries, look no further. Evans Injury Attorneys in Atlanta can offer you their exceptional legal proficiency, both in negotiation and litigation.

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