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What You Need to Know About Low Impact Accidents

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Low impact motor vehicle accidents, typically referred to as fender-benders, can sometimes cause serious injuries. Oftentimes, the symptoms of head and neck injuries might be latent. This is especially true in the case of traumatic brain injuries where the symptoms may not be obvious at first but may lead to severe medical complications later.

Although these types of injuries can be quite debilitating, it is common to find the insurance companies questioning compensation claims because of the low impact of the crash. The usefulness of a competent personal injury attorney in Atlanta cannot be stressed enough in such cases, as the accident victim may need to fight to recover adequate damages.

Whiplash Injuries in Low Impact Accidents

Low impact car crashes, even though they occur at low speeds, have the potential of causing serious neck and head injuries. A common injury that a passenger or driver may suffer in low impact accidents, is whiplash. A whiplash injury is mostly the result of a motor vehicle rear-ending a stationary vehicle carrying occupant(s).

The unexpected rear impact can cause an excessive movement of the neck joint, resulting in muscle, ligament, or tissue damage around the joint. The force of rear impact on the car transfers to the seat, which then pushes the occupant’s torso forward while causing their head and neck to fall back.

How Low Impact Collisions Can Result in Serious Injuries

Often, low impact accidents do not cause overtly discernible physical damage to the motor vehicles involved in the crash. The insurance companies try to discredit any serious injury claims citing the lack of physical damage to the vehicles.

However, numerous medical studies confirm that low-speed, low impact collisions can cause serious cervical injuries. Orthopedic doctors and neurosurgeons frequently come across victims of low-speed accidents with significant head and neck injuries.

In a low-speed collision, an occupant’s head accelerates at a rate faster than the vehicle. Studies show that the peak acceleration rate of the occupant’s head is at least two and a half times faster than the vehicle’s peak acceleration. This can cause significant neck injuries even when the vehicle does not sustain much damage.

Why an Experienced Atlanta Car Crash Attorney is Crucial in Low Impact Injury Claims

Low impact accident victims suffering significant and persistent neck, head, and back injuries may run into hindrances on the way to recovering fair and legitimate compensation. This makes seeking proper legal counsel critical to securing reasonable damages; to cover the cost of their medical bills, loss of income, and mental suffering.

You will need an experienced and skillful personal injury attorney who is competent and resourceful. An attorney with experience of handling settlements and lawsuits involving low impact accident injuries can build a forceful case and skillfully negotiate a settlement you deserve.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Today!

If you or a loved one is a victim of a low impact collision in Atlanta, you must get in touch with a qualified and accomplished personal injury attorney at Evans Injury Attorneys who can negotiate competently with the insurance companies on your behalf while you focus on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back to normal.

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